Medical oncology

At Dr. Mohamed Emam Center, specialized care is provided in the field of medical oncology. Oncology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of carcinomas, fibroids, and benign tumors of the body.

The services of Dr. Muhammad Emam Center in the field of medical oncology include the following:

1. Diagnosis: A team of doctors specializing in the diagnosis of oncology is provided. They use a wide range of advanced techniques and tests such as laboratory tests, medical imaging (such as x-rays, mammography, MRI, and ultrasound) and functional imaging (such as CT scan and molecular biological imaging) to make an accurate diagnosis.
2 . Treatment: A comprehensive range of treatment options is provided to patients with tumors. This includes surgical treatment to remove tumors, radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells, chemotherapy to target cancer cells, and targeted radiation therapy to precisely deliver treatment to tumors. The treatment plan is individually tailored to each case and discussed with the patient and his family.
3 . Comprehensive care: Dr. Mohamed Emam Center aims to provide comprehensive care to patients. This includes psychological and emotional support for patients and their families, dealing with side effects of treatments, and providing integrative care services such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and clinical nutrition.

In short, the Dr. Muhammad Emam Center provides specialized and comprehensive care in the field of medical oncology, from accurate diagnosis to integrated treatment and psychological support. The team aims to achieve the best patient outcomes and improve their quality of life as they face the challenges associated with medical oncology.

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Surgical oncology

At Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, surgical oncology treatment is provided with a high level of expertise and skill. Surgical treatment involves removing cancerous tumors from the body through surgery.

The center's qualified and specialized team evaluates each case separately and determines the appropriate surgical plan according to the nature and location of the tumor and the patient's condition. The latest surgical techniques and tools are adopted to ensure the efficiency and success of the operation.

Surgical treatment services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Customized Consultations: Patients are offered comprehensive counseling to understand their health condition and explain the options available for surgical treatment. Patients and their families are provided with necessary information and guidance regarding expected procedures, risks, and benefits.
2 . Precision surgeries: The surgeries are performed with high precision and using advanced techniques. Care is taken to maximize the complete and accurate removal of the tumor while preserving the functionality of the surrounding organs.
3 . Post-operative care: Intensive care and follow-up is provided to patients after the operation. Specialized nursing care and tools are provided to deal with pain, swelling and wound healing.
4 . Collaboration with specialized teams: The center team collaborates with other specialized teams such as medical oncologists, radiologists, and otolaryngologists to provide comprehensive care to patients.

In short, surgical oncology treatment is provided at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center with a high level of expertise and skill. Precision surgeries are performed according to the pathological condition of each patient. Specialized care is provided before and after surgery to ensure a successful treatment experience and potential recovery for patients.

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Radiation Oncology

At Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, radiation oncology treatment is provided using modern techniques and advanced equipment. Radiation therapy is one of the main treatment methods for cancerous tumors and is used to destroy cancer cells or slow down their growth.

Radiation oncology services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Case Evaluation: Each case is rigorously evaluated to determine whether radiation therapy is the best option. Advanced techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are used to determine the location and size of the tumor and to determine the appropriate radiation dose.
2 . Treatment planning: A personalized treatment plan is developed for each patient, which includes directing the beam to the tumor target area and avoiding affecting the adjacent healthy tissues. Advanced computer software is used to accurately plan and calculate radiation doses.
3 . Treatment implementation: Radiation therapy sessions are carried out according to the plan. Sophisticated radiation delivery devices and dose control are used to ensure that radiation is delivered strictly according to plan.
4 . Post-treatment care: Patients are provided with appropriate care after radiation therapy is completed. Potential side effects are monitored and specialist support and care is provided to manage them.

Dr. Muhammad Emam Radiation Oncology Center is characterized by the provision of modern technology and a specialized and experienced medical team. Radiation therapy aims to achieve the highest levels of success in controlling tumors and improving patients' quality of life.

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Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric Oncology Diagnosis and treatment of carcinomas affecting children and adolescents. Pediatric oncology requires a specialized team that includes pediatricians, medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiotherapists, psychologists, and nurses.

Types of childhood cancers include leukemia, brain and nerve tumors, bone cancer, kidney cancer, pediatric lymphoma, neuroblastoma, pediatric myeloma, and more.

In the field of pediatric oncology, comprehensive care is provided for children with cancer, starting with accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the tumor, and then developing an appropriate treatment plan that includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other targeted therapies. Treatment aims to eliminate the tumor and improve the patient's quality of life.

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Pain Management clinic

In the Pain Management Clinic at Dr. Mohamed Emam Oncology Center, specialized services are provided to manage tumor-related pain. The clinic team aims to provide relief from oncological pain and improve patients' quality of life.

The pain management clinic services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Oncology Center include:

1. Pain Assessment: Pain is evaluated comprehensively to understand its nature, intensity and source. Appropriate tools are used to assess pain and determine the best options for managing it.
2 . Developing a pain management plan: The clinic team develops a personalized pain management plan that suits each patient's condition. A variety of approaches and techniques are used to achieve the best results, including drug therapy, physical therapy, and physical pain management.
3 . Patient guidance and education: Patients are instructed on how to manage pain, take prescribed medications, and use self-relieving techniques. Patients and their families are provided with information and education about pain management and psychological support.
4 . Periodic follow-up: Patients are followed up regularly to assess their response to treatment and adjust the plan if necessary. Collaboration with other care teams in the center is done to achieve optimal pain management results.

The Pain Management Clinic team at Dr. Mohamed Emam Oncology Center works to provide patients with comprehensive care and improve their quality of life through the management of oncology-related pain. Patients are provided with effective treatment and necessary guidance to overcome pain and achieve better comfort.

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Clinical nutrition clinic

In the Clinical Nutrition Clinic at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, a team specialized in clinical nutrition provides integrated services to evaluate, guide, and follow up on patients' diet. The clinic aims to improve patients' nutritional status and enhance their health and recovery.

Services of the Clinical Nutrition Clinic at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Nutrition assessment: Each patient's nutritional status is individually and comprehensively evaluated. Health and nutritional factors associated with the condition are analyzed and the patient's energy and nutrient needs assessed.
2 . Developing a personalized nutrition plan: A personalized nutrition plan is developed for each patient based on their individual needs and health status. The plan includes a recommended diet, recommendations for appropriate nutrients, and necessary lifestyle changes.
3 . Nutrition guidance: The clinic team provides important guidance and direction to patients on how to implement the nutritional plan and achieve proper nutrition. Recommended foods, appropriate nutritional techniques, and how to deal with potential feeding problems are illustrated.
4 . Follow-up and modification of the plan: Patients are followed up periodically to assess their response to the nutritional plan and to modify it if necessary. Ongoing support is provided to patients to ensure that nutritional goals are met and overall health is improved.

The Clinical Nutrition Clinic team at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center provides specialized care and individualized nutritional guidance to patients. They aim to improve the nutrition and general health of patients, enhance the recovery process, and achieve the best treatment outcomes.

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Psychological Care Services

At Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, patients are provided with specialized psychological care services. These services aim to provide emotional and psychological support and deal with the psychological challenges that patients may face during the treatment period and beyond.

Psychological care services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Psychological Needs Assessment: Patients’ psychological status is assessed to understand the psychological challenges they are going through. Appropriate assessment tools are used to determine needs and direct appropriate treatment.
2 . Psychological counseling: Psychological counseling is provided to patients and their families. Help and guidance is provided in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, questions and concerns related to illness and treatment.
3 . Psychological support and emotional guidance: Psychological support and emotional guidance are provided to patients to help them deal with the psychological and emotional changes that may occur as a result of illness and treatment. A safe space is provided to express feelings and thoughts and to promote mental health.
4 . Family orientation: Families are also directed to help them understand and support the patient. Counseling and guidance are provided to families to deal with the psychological challenges and tensions associated with illness and treatment.
5 . Collaboration with other treatment teams: Collaboration with other treatment teams in the center, such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, provides integrated care and improves overall treatment outcomes.

The psychological care services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center aim to improve the quality of life of patients and provide comprehensive mental and emotional health support during their treatment journey. Professional and specialized psychological counseling and guidance is provided to help patients deal with and overcome psychological challenges.

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Home Nursing Services

At Dr. Mohamed Emam Center, the nursing staff provides home nursing services to patients who need healthcare in a home environment. These services aim to meet patients' medical and personal care needs and improve their quality of life and comfort.

Home nursing services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Monitoring and following up on health status: The nursing team monitors the health status of patients and follows up on its developments. Vital signs are measured, symptoms are evaluated, and health data is analyzed to help make appropriate medical decisions.
2 . Basic care provision: Basic care is provided to patients at home, such as cleaning wounds, changing dressings, administering medications, and administering injections. Correct implementation of medical procedures, regular follow-up of improvement and possible complications are ensured.
3 . Health education and education: Health education and education is provided to patients and their families on chronic diseases, medication management, healthy nutrition, and personal care. This aims to enhance patients' self-understanding and self-improvement in maintaining their own health.
4 . Coordination with other treatment teams: Coordination is made with other treatment teams in the center, such as physicians, physiotherapists, and medical specialists, to provide integrated care and achieve the best results for patients.
5 . Emotional support: The nursing team provides emotional support to patients and their families, as dealing with medical conditions can be fraught with psychological and emotional challenges. Emotional support helps relieve stress and anxiety and improve patients' comfort.

Home nursing services at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center aim to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to patients in a home care environment. The nursing team works to meet healthcare needs, achieve patients' comfort and improve their quality of life. Services are provided by qualified nurses who are experienced in caring for patients at home.

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Bone marrow transplantation

A bone marrow transplant is a surgical procedure in which bone marrow is transplanted to regenerate or replace diseased or damaged bone marrow. At Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, bone marrow transplantation services are provided to patients suffering from chronic blood diseases such as leukemia, blood deficiency diseases and other bone marrow diseases.

Bone marrow transplant services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Evaluation of Eligibility and Preparation: The patient's eligibility for a bone marrow transplant is evaluated and whether this operation is the most suitable option for him. Necessary preparations are also made before the operation, such as blood tests and a comprehensive medical evaluation.
2 . Bone marrow extraction: The bone marrow is extracted from the patient or a compatible donor. Microsurgical techniques are used to extract marrow from the pelvic region or other bony bone.
3 . Bone marrow transplant: Bone marrow is transplanted into the damaged bone. Transplanted marrow is ensured host-compatibility and high safety and hygiene procedures are followed to minimize the risk of infection and rejection.
4 . Post-operative follow-up: The patient is monitored after the operation and the necessary support and care are provided. Appropriate treatment is offered to help avoid complications and promote the recovery process.

Bone marrow transplantation is a delicate and complex procedure that requires a specialized and well-equipped medical team. At the Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, a qualified and experienced team works in the field of bone marrow transplantation and strives to achieve the best outcomes for patients and improve their quality of life.

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Comprehensive Center

Oncological diseases and cancer. Dr. Mohamed Emam is a specialist medical oncologist who may have knowledge and experience in specific areas such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc.

Dr. Muhammad Emam's clinic relies on modern technologies and methods for diagnosis and treatment, such as laboratory tests, radiographs, CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgeries if necessary.

Dr. Mohamed Emam and his medical team aim to provide comprehensive and individualized care for each patient, including early diagnosis, appropriate treatment plan, and post-treatment care. Psychological support and counseling services may also be available to patients and their families.

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