integrated oncology and palliative care center

integrated oncology and palliative care center

The Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care Center is a medical center that specializes in providing comprehensive care for patients with cancer. The center aims to provide multiple services in the field of oncology, from diagnosis to treatment and palliative care.

The center features a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and palliative care specialists. Together, these specialists work to provide personalized, holistic care to patients and their families. Cases are diagnosed using modern techniques such as laboratory tests and medical imaging, and an appropriate treatment plan is applied according to the type and stage of cancer.

Besides conventional medical treatment, the center places great importance on palliative care and improving patients' quality of life. This includes providing psychosocial support to patients and their family members to deal with the psychological and emotional challenges associated with cancer. Care is also provided to relieve pain and relieve side effects of treatments such as nausea and fatigue.

The Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care Center is a place where patients can receive comprehensive support and care during the stages of cancer. It is recommended to consult local information resources or contact your local medical center to obtain more details about the services provided at a specific Palliative Care and Oncology Center.



Expert physical and psychological care.

At Dr. Mohamed Emam Center, patients are provided with expert care for the physical and psychological aspects of patients. Attention to both the physical and psychological aspects is crucial to achieving comprehensive care and an integrated recovery.
1. Physical Care: The team of physical experts at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center provides specialized care to patients. This includes doctors, nurses, and medical technologists who have the skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive medical care. The condition is diagnosed and the treatment plan is carefully determined and implemented for patients. Various medical treatments including chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are provided by the qualified and trained team.
2 . Psychological care: Psychological and emotional support is vital for patients and their families during the treatment period. Dr. Muhammad Emam Center provides a team of expert psychologists who specialize in the field of cancer care. They provide psychological support and counseling to patients and their families to help them deal with the psychological and emotional challenges associated with the disease. The team aims to provide a supportive and comfortable environment and to promote the mental health and general well-being of patients.
In short, Dr. Muhammad Emam Center seeks to provide comprehensive care that includes both the physical and psychological aspects of patients. A team of medical and psychological experts is provided to ensure the best levels of care and support are provided to patients and to achieve the best possible outcome in the treatment process.

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Management of different treatment modalities

Dr. Muhammad Emam Center provides management of various treatment methods in comfortable places for patients. This includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.
1. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. This treatment is carried out at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center by a medical team that is specialized and experienced in the administration of chemotherapy. Appropriate facilities and facilities are provided to provide patients comfort during treatment sessions.
2 . Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy is used to boost your immune system's response to fight cancer. This includes the use of targeted immunotherapy drugs that specifically target cancer cells. Immunotherapy at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center is organized and administered by a specialized medical team working to provide personalized care according to the needs of each patient.
3 . Targeted therapy: Also known as targeted radiotherapy, it is used to direct rays with high precision towards the tumor area without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. Targeted therapy is planned and implemented by a dedicated team of radiologists and medical physicists. Patient comfort is ensured and comfortable places are provided for targeted therapy at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center.
A comfortable and supportive environment is provided at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center to help patients deal with the psychological and emotional challenges associated with cancer. The medical team provides psychological support and advice to patients and their families and strives to achieve the highest levels of comfort and personal care.

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Available ICG Cape head during therapy

In Dr. Mohamed Emam Clinic, ICG Cape technology is available during the treatment. The ICG Cape is a technique that uses the dye indocyanine green (ICG) to improve visualization of blood vessels and tissues during surgical or radiation therapy.

The ICG Cape is used for hemodynamic assessment and functional imaging of head blood vessels during treatment. Indocyanine green dye is injected into the body, and then special devices are used to record radiation near the tissues and blood vessels. These light signals are analyzed to provide detailed images that help surgeons or doctors locate tumors or evaluate the functional effects of treatment.

The ICG Cape technology provides important information for understanding the vascular system in the head and improving the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. They help identify healthy and damaged tissues and better target areas during surgery or radiotherapy. The use of the ICG Cape helps improve treatment outcomes and reduce surgical complications.

It is important to ensure that you consult your physician and obtain specific information on how to use the ICG Cape technique in Dr. Mohamed Emam's office, including its potential benefits and risks and method of implementation.

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