Surgical oncology

Surgical oncology

At Dr. Muhammad Emam Center, surgical oncology treatment is provided with a high level of expertise and skill. Surgical treatment involves removing cancerous tumors from the body through surgery.

The center's qualified and specialized team evaluates each case separately and determines the appropriate surgical plan according to the nature and location of the tumor and the patient's condition. The latest surgical techniques and tools are adopted to ensure the efficiency and success of the operation.

Surgical treatment services at Dr. Muhammad Emam Center include:

1. Customized Consultations: Patients are offered comprehensive counseling to understand their health condition and explain the options available for surgical treatment. Patients and their families are provided with necessary information and guidance regarding expected procedures, risks, and benefits.
2 . Precision surgeries: The surgeries are performed with high precision and using advanced techniques. Care is taken to maximize the complete and accurate removal of the tumor while preserving the functionality of the surrounding organs.
3 . Post-operative care: Intensive care and follow-up is provided to patients after the operation. Specialized nursing care and tools are provided to deal with pain, swelling and wound healing.
4 . Collaboration with specialized teams: The center team collaborates with other specialized teams such as medical oncologists, radiologists, and otolaryngologists to provide comprehensive care to patients.

In short, surgical oncology treatment is provided at Dr. Mohamed Emam Center with a high level of expertise and skill. Precision surgeries are performed according to the pathological condition of each patient. Specialized care is provided before and after surgery to ensure a successful treatment experience and potential recovery for patients.