About us

About us

Dr Mohamed Emam

About the Founder Dr. Mohamed Emam
Dr. Mohamed Emam Sobeih, Founder of the Egypt Capital Oncology Center (ECOC), is a consultant of medical oncology and hemto oncology at  National Cancer Institute, specializing in chest and lung tumors from the University of Zurich, Switzerland and Hematology and Lymphoma from University of Ulm, Germany while specializing  in  Gastrointestinal tumors from University of Switzerland, Italy, USI. 


He is the Ambassador of the European School of Oncology for Egypt and one of the coordinators of the scientific content of the school and the European Agenda for Oncology. He is a reviewer of scientific research in the largest medical journals in oncology. 

Dr.  Mohamed is an active member of many Egyptian and international associations for the treatment of oncology Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Foundation for Supporting Cancer Patients (ECSF) Contracted with many reputable oncology hospitals

He is a Lecturer in Oncology in the Egyptian Fellowship Medical Oncology School, Armed Forces College of Medicine 

About ECOC Center
Egypt Capital Oncology Center (ECOC) was established in 2022, by prof. Dr Mohamed Emam Sobeih, as a comprehensive multidisciplinary centre devoted to providing distinctive oncological and palliative care to all our patients from all over Egypt, Middle East and Africa. The center offers exclusive  evidence based practice through our experienced integrated team of  consultants in medical oncology, Haematology, surgical oncology, palliative care, pain management, clinical nutrition, clinical pharmacy, nursing & EMR administration ensuring optimum management and care to our patients while being committed to delivering the best service towards our community. The center is well-equipped with outpatient clinics, an Ambulatory chemotherapy unit equipped with private and comfortable beds for patient’s therapy, off-site inpatient unit;  equipped with radiological facilities, laboratories, intensive care unit, psychology and physiotherapy palliative care for in-patients. Performing basic and clinical research is keystone for developing and maintaining top medical and palliative care as well as national and international participation in congresses and events while perpetuating knowledge and experience for oncologists in Egypt through continuous medical education and training within the center.